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Main » 2012 » January » 4 » Playstation Vita huge drop in sales
8:32 AM
Playstation Vita huge drop in sales

 After a seemingly succesful launch week Sony seems to have its hands full trying to convince people to purchase a VITA over the Nintendo 3DS or a tablet. The Vita managed to only move a little over 70,000 units its second week of launch, over a 250,000 thousand unit drop from its previous launch week. Sony seems to be defense mode, when reached for comment they gave an un-characteristic "No comment".

 Many of you will say... "Hey this happened to Nintendo and they are doing fine now", and while this is PARTLY true, Sony is facing the problems Nintendo had with one BIG difference... Sony has done nothing wrong with their launch! They launched the system with the online infrastructure, a GREAT selection of games, and seemingly strong fan support. While the 3DS sold more units when it launched and it managed to do so without its eShop, without any Major AAA 1st party titles, and with a high price tag.

 One thing Sony might be having trouble with is the Hidden costs of becoming a Vita Owner. Nintendo 3DS lets you save your games and files right on the Game cards directly while the Vita makes you purchase Propietary Memory cards that can cost up to 100 dollars for a 32GB memory card. Nintendo opted to Provide 3DS owners with an SD card for free with every 3DS, while you need to purchase the memory cards separately from the Vita and it's games. Perhaps if sony chose to include a memory card with the Vita for free it would help with reducing the initial cost. Nintendo also Slashed its price from 249.99 to 169.99 for the 3DS which help boost sales, while the Vita has two units priced 249.99 for a wifi only vita, and 299.99 for a 3G model that will cost you an extra 14.99-24.99 per month if you sign up for 3G service, sony COULD potentially follow suit with some sort of a price drop. perhaps putting the units at 199.99 and 229.99 respectively would boost sales. The last thing Nintendo did was release a barrage of AMAZING games, Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Starfox 64 3D, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time 3D, along with 3rd party offerings all help SURGE 3DS Sales through the roof. Sony has seemingly had trouble with their games selling as well as last weeks sales showed the top title barely cracked the top 40 games charts, and while these games were available through digital downloads theres no way it affected the sales that dramatically.

Sony might have an uphill battle especially considering this is all happening in Japan, a country that loves Sony Products. and while its a little early to spell doom and gloom for the Vita since it hasn't been released in all regions, things are looking like Nintendo will run away with this generation of dedicated Handheld devices.
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